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Why don’t you help the people right here in the U.S.?

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I often have been asked, “Why don’t you help the people right here in the U.S. instead of traveling all around the world?”  As there are so many needs in our world and only so much I can do, in order to not get overwhelmed, I prioritize as follows: 1. those who need and want help  2.  those who need but don’t want help 3. those who want but don’t need help 4.  those who don’t need help or want help.

First, Proverbs says to help those who are poor but not those who are lazy. Solomon was a wise man.  I don’t discriminate who to help based on political borders. I prioritize based on who is asking for help.  Many people in the U.S. are already receiving some sort of assistance if they want assistance.  Many people in other countries are not receiving any assistance at all.  It’s that feeling of being all alone or being totally helpless that touches my heart the most.  It is those people whom by heart can’t rest until I do something, anything I can to help.  However, if we all were touched by the same thing, then only one person would be helped.  I believe we are all wired differently and we each have our own part to do.  If each person does their own part, then quite possibly everyone would receive assistance that needs it.

Second, I normally would not help people who don’t want help, but I would love them and be there for them so that they know that if they do want help I am there.  Here is a humorous take on this.

Thirdly, the people who don’t need help but want help, these people have some need that isn’t being met.  It may not be the need they are asking to be filled, but I believe all people are good once all the wounds are healed.  Showing them love and decency may bring to light what is actually needed.

Fourthly, you may wonder, what can I do for people who don’t need help?  This is what I call blessing.  It’s like romance in a dating relationship.  It isn’t practical but it makes life worth living.  It’s the offer to babysit for a friend, or bringing flowers to a neighbor on Mother’s Day.  A thoughtful birthday gift or a random act of kindness to brighten someone’s day.

A pat on the back or word of encouragement can never hurt.  All people deserve to be loved.  What touches your heart the most?


Author: 4 the World

4 the World identifies and collaborates with communities across the globe to empower them to identify and solve the most pressing needs of their communities within the areas of health and education. By partnering with the communities in these areas, we provide critical support and capacity-building initiatives to ensure these communities are capable of continuing to grow and thrive in the future.

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