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Researchers urge Secretary of Education to drop new regulations on teacher education


Scholars urge administration to drop new regulations on teacher training at Colleges of Education.  The new regulations include more accountability measures similar to the high-stakes testing fiasco in K-12 schools. Do we really think that more bureaucracy is going to help young people want to become teachers?  I think the answer is not more hoops to jump through but more teacher autonomy and salaries competitive to other bachelor-level professions.

Photo Credit: James D. Hogan

Read more about the changes in the US and NC.

On the national level . . .


And here in North Carolina. . .


and more in NC



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2 thoughts on “Researchers urge Secretary of Education to drop new regulations on teacher education

  1. If you wish to make the same mistake we did in Alberta under Inspired education in assuming that listening to the public meant improving standards in the belief that you can have any car you want as long as it is black, you can expect a huge backlash both by the public and its teachers.

    However, if you wish to learn from our mistake by observing how the public was really asking “How can we get teachers to listen to our child such to develop his own capabilities?” , you will begin to note how the new methodologies on inquiry, global education, group enhanced project and self-portfolio assessment which lie outside subject disciplines and come after instruction in presentation, learning exercises, homework and tests, develop capabilities of children by becoming more wise in their actions. This is done not by speaking to the child which we do in instruction but listening and guiding their own self-thoughts as we spend some time developing not just their cognitive but also their emotional intelligence.

    The choice is yours to make. You can either heat up the discussion or cool it down.

    Paul at http://www.teacherzones.com

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